Dick Cheney Shoots a Quail Hunter
sparks rumors of ALF membership

Vice President Dick Cheney was on a quail hunting trip this weekend when he shot Harry Whittington, a 78 year old hunter, with his shotgun.

While making a press statement about the incident, he explained:

Cheney: Uhh, I thought he was a quail. See, he popped up out of the bushes, and the back of his head sort of looks like - well the important thing is that it was an accident, and he's doing fine.

from Yahoo News

The incident has led to a flurry of rumors suggesting that Vice President Cheney is a member of the controversial animal rights group, Animal Liberation Front, or ALF. His explanation of the incident and allegation that the shooting was accidental have seemed unsatisfactory to many; some have suggested that they were intentionally unbelievable.

Reports indicate that the group received an anonymous email message explaining an incident bearing a strong resemblance to the incident involving Cheney. The text of the message has not been released at this time.

Other rumors have suggested that the shooting had nothing to do with Cheney being a closet animal rights activist. According to a statement by an anonymous government source, Cheney had lost a large portion of his stock in Halliburton to Whittington in a poker game the night before. The source suggested that Cheney did not intend to kill Whittington, but only to send a strong message that he had no intention of ponying up and that there was nothing Whittington could do about it.

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