I'm a stupid white girl who hates black people

Really, I am. According to some some random website I've never heard of anyway.

From the site:

Amanda Doerty is the type of white girl who says she's not racist because she has many black friends. Occasionally she might also say things like, "Wow, he's really articulate for a black guy. . .

Like George Bush, Amanda Doerty may not be out beating citizens with New Orleans policemen, but she certainly doesn't care about black people. . .

This is all in reponse to my post about "American Idol" Fantasia Barrino, who happens to be, as a mattar of fact, an illiterature high school dropout and unwed mother. More:

The real irony is that Amanda's simplistic conclusion (black + illiterate = retarded) reveals her own lack of brain cells. The notion that black people are stupid because they choose to be that way is so wrought with racist undertones, that George Bush might have to nominate her to head of FEMA or the Supreme court. By Amanda's logic, black people who commit crimes are just lazy, so we should abort their babies to reduce the crime rate.

Amanda finds it rather difficult to place an individual within a larger societal or global context. But when you call yourself "Hot Abercrombie Chick," how cosmopolitan can you be.

To set the record straight:

I've never said that I'm racist because I have black friends. As far as I remember, I've never even said that I have black friends. (Nor have I said anything that might be construed, on even the wildest interpretation, as "Wow, he's really articulate for a black guy.") Some people are apparently so obsessed with ethnicity that they bring it into everything.

Take the situation in New Orleans after the hurricane. Everywhere you would see the words "poor" and "black" put together. As the skin-color-obsessed reviewer of my blog implied, "George Bush doesn't care about the residents of New Orleans because they're poor and black". I saw the sentiment in the news, even in a cartoon in my school newspaper.

Strangely enough, I never saw so much as an attempt to support the claim. People would offer reasons why Bush (and many other people) didn't care about the people because they were poor - these 'arguments' never got much better than pointing out that the more affluent sections of New Orleans seemed to receive aid first.

The strategy was clever enough. The affluent sections are mostly white, the poor sections mostly black. So just attach "white" to "affluent" and "black" to "poor" (never mind the lack of any clear reason for doing so) and you've managed to create a race issue out of the void. Did you ever stop to think that maybe Bush doesn't care simply because they were poor and didn't (and probably never will) pay the taxes that are being and will be spent on relief efforts and rebuilding the city?

Same strategy from this unfortunately clueless reviewer on the "black + illiterate = retarded" and "The notion that black people are stupid because they choose to be that way."

Where's the "black" in my equation? My inference from Fantasia's illiteracy to her retardation was obviously hyperbolic. It was not wholly a joke, of course - I have little doubt that Fantasia is not particularly bright. That's a pretty safe bet when it comes to illiterate high school dropouts who are unwed mothers at nineteen. If you were forced to put money on it, you know you'd be making the same bet. No one says that every single person who fits that description is stupid - only most of them. Go look up the statistics.

But what does this have to do with black people? I realize that Fantasia is black, but that's not much to base an while crazy theory on. She's also overweight, and she has funny hair. Why not "fat + illiterate = retarded" or "funny hair + illiterate = retarded"? I'm asking a rhetorical question of course. It's "black + illiterate" because race is what the reviewer had on his or her mind. And because everyone is of at least one (though almost always more than one) race/ethnicity, race is super-easy to force into any issue. And for people who only care about pushing an agenda and not the reality of any particular situation, super-easy is what it's all about.

And what's this about "The notion that black people are stupid because they choose to be that way"? I thought that the purpose of criticism of any person/thing was to actually criticize that person/thing. Does making up quotes serve that purpose?

For the record, I don't think that, for the most part, people are stupid because they choose to be stupid. Some people do things that contribute to a decline of their mental abilities, but for the most part it's going from dumb to dumber.

Why are some people stupid? Our best science (which some people are all too quick to cite until it tells them something they don't like) tells us that intelligence has an awful lot to do with genetics. And "intelligence" measured as IQ isn't some vague, wishy-washy, ethno-centric notion. It's a measure, accepted by the almost everyone in the relevant scientific disciplines, of general cognitive ability. It is not just highly correlated with your verbal knowledge or ability to answer possibly culturally-biased questions. It's also highly correlated with ability in mathematics (which is about as culturally unbiased as you can get) and general puzzle-solving.

It is widely accepted that intelligence is highly correlated with genetics - as far as I know, no serious argument to the contrary has been successful. Genetics comes first, so it's not likely that stupidity is causing a change in genetics.

So why is Fantasia stupid? Probably not because she chose to be stupid. It's probably because her parents were stupid. Or perhaps her parents were not stupid, but a random genetic mutation knocked her down into the short bus. Or maybe her mother drank too much alcohol or smoked, damaging the fetus-Fantasia. Who knows - perhaps Fantasia was very intelligence once, but she decided to give herself brain damage by using a lot of drugs or banging her head against the wall. But I doubt that one. My money would be on one of the first three.

But again, what does this have to do with race? I never mentioned it. I never said anything that would lead a normal person to think that my criticism had anything to do with her race, or that I wouldn't have said the same if she was a poor white illiterate unwed mother from a trailer park. (By "normal" I mean the kind of person who doesn't force the issue of race into everything, without reason for doing so.)

But I don't care. Call me a racist if you want - especially if your requirements for being non-racist include a prohibition on criticizing anyone who happens to be non-white. But don't forget to link me when you do. Send me all the traffic you want, and let everyone who reads your criticism wonder why you are so obsessed with skin color.

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