What's Up with the Whiny GI Mom?

The mother of a US soldier killed in Iraq warned she would camp outside the White House next month if US President George W. Bush refuses to meet with her here at his ranch.

"I don't understand why he cannot spend ten minutes of his time to talk to somebody whose life he has devastated," said Cindy Sheehan, 48, who has been camped out about a kilometer from the gates of Bush's ranch since Saturday.

from Mother of US Iraq casualty vows to follow Bush

Hey lady, our tax dollars pay for that ten minutes of time you want.

My apologies if I'm unsympathetic. I try not to be; I think it's sad when a person dies. I'll admit, I do get a bit annoyed at the constant media reports of "Two More Soldiers killed in Iraq!" and "Death toll now at 1,800!" and the like. Are they reporting every increase of 100 now?

Maybe it's just me, but 1,800 doesn't seem like that many. We lost something like 58,000 in Vietnam, and let's not even go into the World Wars. But hey, it's a war. Don't join the military if you think the risk is too great.

And if 1,800 U.S. deaths in Iraq is an outrage, why aren't we even more alarmed by the 40,000+ traffic fatalities in the U.S. each year? Maybe we can argue about getting out of Iraq once we get drunk drivers off of the road.

But back on topic: The Whiny GI Mom. She doesn't think we should be in Iraq. Okay, what are her reasons? Does she have a novel argument, or is it more of the same stuff we've been hearing since way back when? She said "I don't think aggression on a country that was no threat to the United States is noble". That's nice, but we've heard it before. Even if she's right, she's not adding to the discussion. So why waste the President's time?

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