Pharrel Williams, Best Dressed Man?
What's this world coming to?

Darrell Williams from The Neptunes (whatever the heck that is) is number one on Esquire's "Best Dressed Men in the World" list.


Sure, that doesn't look terrible. True, every male lawyer and businessman in America does the tie-less unbuttoned white shirt under a dark blazer thing after work. But still. The vest thing isn't bad - he looks a bit like a clean-cut post-doc.

Maybe that's his new look - and I'd congratulate him on the change. But his fashion history is a truly sordid tale. Have a look:

Pharrell, what's going on here? Okay, he's not exactly dressed... but what the heck is on that massive chain around his neck? Let's move on - it gets worse.

What's this? You don't wear a clean white shirt while holding up some Star Trek hand sign, displaying the massive (and terribly ugly) yellow (yuck!) gold ring on your finger. You just don't...

I told you it was going to get worse. Look at me, I'm wearing a big coat with faux fur trim. On a bicycle!. People who wear big coats do not belong on best dressed lists. Big coat with fur (or faux fur) trim - that should get you banned for life.

Big camo jacket and some sort of a Walkman sticking out of his low-riding pants pocket? Ouch. What's with the star on the hoodie? Did he steal that from Zero-era Billy Corgan?

The worst... maybe. Camo under a letter jacket? I remember kids like that from high school - they didn't have time to change for school after deer hunting at 4am, so they just threw on their baseball letter jacket. Is that the look he's going for? Maybe it's a track letter jacket - P.Diddy (I think that's it, unless he changed names again) looks like he just got back from a jog.

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