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I occasionally get the urge to remove the guestbook. Most of the people who post there don't read anything I've written, so it's not a terribly high level of discourse. But every once in a while I find something amusing enough that I give the guestbook another chance. Here's a real gem:

Eugene Debs
Do you really like all that Abercrombie/J.Crew/Gap Bull****? If you're as intelligent as you say you are can't you see through that pop culture bull****. To me that Britney Spears/Abercrombie stuff is garbage. Or are you really just some party girl who learned some philosophers names in a class and is projecting a false persona?

Eugene - You wouldn't happen to be one of those awkward closet-teenie-boppers who likes to whine about how Society is trying to get them down with like, conformity man, are you? For whatever reason, people stuck in this high school social outcast mindset are the only ones who ever seem to whine about "that pop culture bs".

Eugene Debs
Actually, "Amanda," I'm older and more educated than you are (that's not meant in a derisive tone, it's just a matter of facts). People have critiqued mass culture for years. If you want to wear a&f; whatever, it's a free country. All I'm saying is someone, especially a philosophy student, shouldn't fall for the bs that is marketed to them. Namely that you got to be blue eyed, blonde, wear a&f or banana republic, watch the oc and listen to the teen pop queen du jour to be accepted. If that makes me "uncool," in your eyes, hell I really don't care. I'm just not going to swallow what Hollywood/Madison Ave. is throwing at me, that's all. That Critical thinking you've learned in philosophy class should be applied to pop culture as well. Have a nice life.

Eugene - If you have in fact achieved a higher level of education than me, that reflects poorly upon whatever institution granted your degrees. It's quality, not just level.

I say that because I can't imagine how a person of anything more than average intelligence could make the ridiculous assertions you have (implied). Because a person wears a certain kind of clothing, it means that he or she has been brainwashed by the big bad pop culture beast? Absurd. You're the only one ranting about "coolness" here. You seem to have rather juvenile concerns on your mind, don't you think? I'm certainly not spending my time whining about people's fashion choices.

And anyway, what's this rubbish about Banana Republic, the OC, and pop music? I don't believe I've ever mentioned any of those in my blog. You think a person whose blog title includes the word "Abercrombie" must have "fallen for that bs that is marketed to them", no need for any actual indication of it? You, sir, are an idiot.

"That Critical thinking you've learned in philosophy class should be applied to pop culture as well."

How insightful. If I wear something from Abercrombie, it is simply necessarily true that I can't have thought much about it. The commercial told me to buy it so I did. Because no one who was thinking critically would buy Abercrombie. Because... well, just because.

I have some doubts about the whole higher level of education claim. How many PhDs (or grad students at least) do you know who spend their time saying "Hey dude, someone put 'Abercrombie' in their blog name, I'm gunna post in their guestbook about how stupid people who wear Abercrombie are!"?

Just for the record: I don't listen to pop music, or not much of it. I suppose U2 qualifies, and I have a few of their albums. I'm not sure what The Cure (in their better moments) are considered, but I suppose they might quality. Sorry Eugene. My frequent listening mix at the moment is pretty heavy on Bee and Flower and some of Steve Von Til's solo work. Good stuff.

As for the OC, I don't really watch television. Closest I get is watching The Simpsons dvds. I know, not exactly super-high-brow entertainment. I guess I forgot to apply my critical thinking to the Fox network.

Banana Republic? Well, I suppose they deserve some credit for encouraging the mid-middle class guy to put on a shirt with buttons and stop dressing like a total slob. Their female line is pretty unremarkable. I know, good gravy, the Man trying to make everyone conform and look a bit more like respectable people - Eugene must be right.

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