Jesus Doesn't Like Welfare

Word up infidels - supporting welfare is a sin.

Every once in a while I come across some crackpot saying "Heeeey, Jesus wouldn't like your anti-welfare views, he was all about helping people and stuff!" Well, yes and no.

Jesus was pro-charity. You know, going out and giving food to the poor voluntarily. He wanted you to want to help the needy. He wanted you to believe that you should.

Funny, though - I don't recall Jesus waving a cane in the air and shouting "Throw down some silver or I break your kneecaps. Fund Jesus's Miracle Network - or else!"

In sort: Jesus never promoted mandatory "charity" like government welfare. And if I recall, the "Thou shalt not steal" commandment didn't come with fine print reading "Except in the case of taxation, which shall not be considered theft because of an implicit social contract obligating all members of a society to provide for the needy through welfare programs, along with any other program the government might enact." I don't know, did they edit that part out?

So, self-proclaimed "Christian Soldiers" (or whatever you're calling yourselves nowadays): Turn away from sin, end your support for government-funded welfare programs. If you believe in helping the poor, open your wallet and do it yourself. Sure, not everyone else is going to do it, so it might cost you more. But that's a shame - you never mentioned that you only supported the needy as long as doing so cost less than X percent of your income.

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