Protest Update

With one week of classes left, the Living Wage protestors are still occupying the Admissions Office. There have been reports of administrative action against them - I've heard that they were not allowed to register for courses for next semester, that they might not receive credit for their courses this semester, and that some of them might be expelled. But I don't know if these were merely threats or if any of them have actually been carried out. I'm fairly certain that no one has been expelled, and for reasons I don't entirely understand (the threat of bad PR maybe?), none of the students refusing the leave the Admissions Office have been arrested.

I've been asked to give some publicity to an Anti-SWA (Student Worker Alliance - the group behind the occupation) group's website:

SWA Go Home!

It's an amusing counter-propaganda campaign - not exactly my style, but I suppose it serves as a commentary on the level of discourse (or lack thereof) involved in the issue. That's the charitable interpretation anyway.

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