A Real Live Sick Room

The "Sick Room" was introduced in a cheesy "B" horror movie, Cradle of Fear. It is (in the movie) "The Ultimate in Snuff Reality" You log into the 'Sick Room' website where "You are the Murderer" - you watch a live victim on webcam and purchase different methods of real, remote torture. You can have the victim beaten, stabbed, pounded with a hammer, cut apart with a chainsaw, and even shot to death.

When I heard about Live Shot.com from this news story, I couldn't help but make the comparison.

What's Live Shot all about? You pay some money, log in to the website, and shoot animals with a remote-controlled rifle while you watch over a webcam.

This is only during specified "hunt" times - the rest of the time, you can pay to fire a rifle at a paper target. For this, you pay a $14.95 monthly fee, $5.95 to fire ten shots at the target, and then have the option to buy a DVD recording of your session for $9.95 plus shipping and have the paper target mailed to you for $2.95 plus shipping.

You pay more to kill actual animals - $150 per hunt, a currently unspecified "harvest" fee, a $175 taxidermist deposit, $60 for meat processing.

Who would want to do this? The Live Shot site indicates that their services are for "Disabled and handicapped hunters, as well as others who would like to try this type of hunting". Hunter "Dale Hagberg of Indiana, paralyzed and bed-ridden," plans on trying out the next hunt in April.

I must admit, I don't find the idea necessarily unappealing. It might be worth $5.95 for ten shots at that Hagberg fellow;)

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