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As a thank you to my blogads sponsors (those on the leftbar), and because most of the sites are pretty amusing and/or interesting, I thought I'd remind my readers to take a look at any of them that might be of interest. We have:

PBS Program Club

Everyone loves PBS, right? Well, this time they aren't asking you for money - they're just trying to promote their programming by encouraging you to start a discussion club. It sounds pretty simple, and potentially entertaining - and did I mention they'll send you a free gift basket of food?

Being Good

A Novel by Todd A. Described as "Schoolgirls, Strippers and Secretaries. Slav O Se has girl trouble. He should. He's an unrepentant lothario, a teacher at a girls' high school, and he has four sisters." Sound good? Then check it out.

Conservative Match

This one has been up there a long time - apparently I attract a lot of conservatives. If you're into online dating sites (hey, if nothing else, it's fun to look at the profiles) and you think you'd fit in, consider signing up.

Kevin McCullough

Conservative "Radio Talk Show Host, Syndicated Columnist, and past recipient of the Tesla and Marconi Awards". Recent posts on his blog include "N.J.'s Schundler calling Corzine on the carpet..." and "KERRY trashes BUSH in BAGHDAD..."

Tickets in a Flash!

You can buy tickets to sporting events, concerts, and the theatre here. Tickets to everything from football and basketball events (if you're into that sort of thing) to Hilary Duff concerts. You do love Hilary Duff, right?

Other site of interest: A Theory of Power

I found this link from the other ads on my site. A Theory of Power, "Jeff Vail's Analysis of Pattern, Heirarchy, and Human Mechanics" is a blog, and there's also a book with the "A Theory of Power" name. I found the post on "swarming" to be very interesting. Swarming is a "Swarming is the tactical (or, in some cases, operational) maneuver of converging of highly distributed forces at a single point to leverage the military principle of mass." Less than peaceful WTO protestors used it, as did the Scythians at Eschate when Alexander the Great attacked.

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