Banning (Electronic) Slavery

Hide your hard drives - or better yet, let's call them the "parent" and the "child" hard drive. Apparently the master/slave drive label is offensive.

Or so the Los Angeles County Department of Affirmative Action thinks - they wanted to replace that label on packaging of hard drives bought by the county. The purchasing department said the "term was offensive and violated the region's cultural diversity".

Their reasoning obviously has something to do with the fact that there was once black slavery in the United States - I'm not sure exactly what, though. Recognizing that slavery once existed here is acceptable, even encouraged so we can have a more realistic understanding of our history. I don't see how merely mentioning slavery in general could be a problem, though perhaps some people in Los Angeles county think otherwise.

And aren't we forgetting that slavery didn't only exist in the United States? We didn't even come up with the idea. In fact, isn't it more culturally insensitive to pretend to take offense because of our history as if slavery wasn't a practice that affected millions of people in other countries throughout history as well?

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