How Do I Add My Site to 'Friends on the Blogroll'?

The 'Friends on the Blogroll' section on the main page shows three random blogs from my 'Friends on the Blogroll' list to each visitor. Showing the site address is much easier than showing names for every site, so for now only the address will be shown.

How do you get on the list? It's simple: Blogroll me. I recommend using one of the Blogroll Me! links found on my site - otherwise, I may not be able to tell that you've linked me.

I check the official list of people who have added my site to their Blogrolls to see who has added me. If you've added me and you aren't on the list, try adding me again with one of the Blogroll Me! links found on my site. I use the official list because it is much simpler than trying to add everyone who leaves a comment saying they've added me. It also makes it very simple to remove people who have taken me off of their Blogrolls.

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