How Do I Add My Site to 'Recent Trackbacks'?

The 'Recent Trackbacks' section shows each visitor three random sites from the list of people who have linked to one or more of my posts and then sent a trackback ping. The list will only include the past few months of trackbacks, which is usually not all that long.

This means that every site on the list will be shown on the 'Recent Trackbacks' section many times each day - that is, hundreds, even thousands of times daily depending on how many sites are on the list and how many page views the main page gets.

How do I add my site? First, you have to mention one of my posts in one of your posts. Then, Send a Trackback Ping to show that you've linked me.

On each of my posts, there is a 'Trackback' link at the bottom. If you click this link, a window showing you the Trackback URL will open. Enter this in the 'Trackback URL' section of the Trackback Pinger. Then enter your blog name, the name of your post, the address of your post, and an excerpt. After you've done this, click on the 'Trackback' link on my post again. If you've sent the ping correctly, your site should now be listed.

Sending a trackback ping does two things. First, when someone clicks the 'Trackback' link for a post, they will see a link to the post in which you mentioned and linked to my post. So people looking to see what others are saying about something I've written can find you easily. And second: I can see that you've linked to one of my posts, so I can put you in my 'Recent Trackbacks' list.

This is a mutually beneficial blog-networking setup. It encourages people like you to comment on my posts on your blog (or at least to mention them). This helps me know what other people think about my writing and helps bring new readers to my blog. And it gives your posts and blog exposure here, sending new readers your way as well. So what are you waiting for?

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