Eleven States Ban Gay Marriage

Elated by an 11-for-11 rejection of gay marriage in state elections, [rednecks and backwater hicks] Wednesday urged Congress to follow suit by approving a federal constitutional amendment that would extend the prohibition nationwide.

from Voters pass all 11 bans on gay marriage

So Kerry lost the election - that's good news. The bad news: Bush won it.

More bad news: We're still doing the whole democracy thing. Not much of a new development, but no good all the same. Anyone who thinks democracy and freedom have much to do with each other needs to be beaten over the head with a stick. Our fellow countrypersons like the one in this picture need to be shot.

Shot? Well, I could be generous and qualify that: ...with a rubber bullet. Or ten. But really, I'm not that picky. We have a real problem here in America - a lot of people like to pretend at being good patriotic Americans, but they're neglecting that whole American ideal of freedom.

Freedom means you get to do what you want, even if I don't like it, as long as it doesn't hurt me. And I mean hurt me - really hurt me - which does not include "injury" from my knowing that you're doing something I don't like. Sorry Patrick Devlin.

But don't think that I'm only recognizing culprits like these people who want to legislate religion opinion. I'm not exactly fond of Democrats like Kerry who want to forcibly redistribute property just because they think it would be nice. That doesn't jive too well with the freedom concept either. One of the biggest reasons I was (slightly) hoping that Kerry would lose is because he was so unapologetic about wanting to raise taxes for the rich. No justification other than something like "Hey 98% of voters who aren't rich - this helps you out. Vote for me!"

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