Election 2004: And the Winner Is...

George Bush. Or so I'm betting, based on absolutely no factual evidence and no real preference of mine. Did you vote? I sure didn't. But I'm still watching the results to see what happens. We only have one of these things every four years, after all.

I think I've realized that I want Bush to win. Not enough to have voted for him, of course; I also realize that this (slight) wish has nothing at all to do with my agreeing with him more than Kerry or thinking he would do a better job. No - I want to see him win because I'm at a generally liberal-leaning college and for the past three months I've heard so much anti-Bush rhetoric that I want to vomit, and I want all those ridiculous Kerry supporters to have their come-uppance.

Of course, if I was at a conservative-leaning college I'd want to see Kerry win just to spite Bush supporters. And that's no good reason to vote. But then, I don't know that there is a good reason to vote - at least not for one of these two.

For now, I'm back to occasionally refreshing the Yahoo main page to see which buffoon happens to be ahead at the moment. Long live democracy.

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