Bush Supporters Dumber than Kerry Supporters?

If you couldn't tell from my Wow, Even I Beat Ralph Nader post, I tend to enjoy an amusing spoof. Sokal? Wonderful. So I was amused when I came across (later than most, I suppose) this chart that allegedly demonstrates the inferior IQ of people in states that went for Bush in the past election.

And then there is IQ by State in 2004, which is supposed to give a more accurate (that is, not faked) presentation of actual IQ averages for the states.

Something that captured my interest on this page:

(I would like to point out at this early stage that I personally give no credence to the concept of an "intelligence quotient," and believe that human intelligence cannot be measured with artificial tests. I only discuss IQ here in order to rebut the false claims made by others who use IQ as their only weapon.)

Having done a bit of general study on intelligence (specifically its genetic component), I found this too-often expressed sentiment to be rather unfortunate and mistaken. So I wanted to follow up on it in my next post: Can Human Intelligence be Measured by Artificial Tests?.

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