Best Scary Movies for Halloween?

I'm trying to find some scary movies to watch for Halloween, and because my movie knowledge isn't the best I'm asking for recommendations. I enjoy the cheesy B-movie horror flick every now and again, but what I'd really like are some legitimately frightening movies - unfortunately, I don't find many "scary" movies that scary.

I enjoyed Wrong Turn and found it mildly frightening. Signs scared me, possibly because years of watching the television show Sightings when I was younger has given me a slight alien-phobia. Dawn of the Dead was fun, but not scary. The recent movie The Grudge was mildly frightening as well (Sightings might have given me a mild ghost-phobia as well). I loved The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (you know, with Johnny Depp) - so it's probably on the Halloween list even though it isn't really a scary movie. Creepy is good too, of course.

Any suggestions?

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