Amusing Comments and Reviews Series - Part One

I've gotten my fair share of angry comments (especially in the guest book) and reviews. Some of them contain reasonable criticisms, but others are laughably ridiculous. I thought it would be worthwhile to share a few of the most amusing ones - and so, the Amusing Comments and Reviews Series begins.

Meesh, from Seattle
(from the guestbook)

"you are a self-centered, idiot. you give our generation a bad name and will lead to the uprising of more republican, selfish, greedy *******s. i don't give a **** about the fact that tanning is illegal in california for minors and you'll probably find skin cancer underneath your fake vintage abercrombie t-shirt that was made by slave labor in china. you disgust me and it makes me want to vomit when i think about people like you holding any role of power in our society. i wouldn't know where to begin if i were to argue against any of your points mentioned in your blog, but first off we live in america and any ******* person should be able to get married, gay or not. i hope your daughter is a huge ******* lesbo! good luck to finding some brainless republican husband to knock you up by 25 and make you his trophy wife to take along to country club dinners and republican party events. peace out ******"

I'm a Republican? That's news to me. And I'm against gay marriage? Wow, that's really news to me - I could've swore that I had something like ten posts on the issue in which I argued for either the legalization of gay marriage or for the end of government involvement in marriage altogether. You hope my daughter (assuming I ever have children) is a "lesbo"? That wouldn't bother me - though if I do ever have a homosexual daughter, I imagine she would prefer the term "lesbian".

Funny that someone who is apparently so concerned about personal liberties - like the right to marry whoever you want - doesn't give a **** about personal liberty when it comes to deciding whether or not you want to put yourself at risk for cancer by going tanning. (Okay, so the issue was about minors, so it might be a little different - but still.) I think I'm safe in assuming that this person is a Democrat with Republican-phobie (s/he probably saw that I'd written something critical of Kerry and decided I must be a Republic who owned a third-world sweatshop - though isn't Arnold a Republican?). So what about my right to keep the money I will someday earn on a meager academic salary without having big, big government tax it all away for social programs?

Anyway, I found the guestbook entry amusing and hope that others will get a chuckle out of it as well.

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