Upcoming: Hobbes and the Social Contract

Just so everyone knows, I haven't abandoned the blog, and I do plan on updating more frequently than I have over the past few weeks. Classes started back up, and I've had to adjust to waking up early again.

The summer was mostly a vacation from studying philosophy, so now that I'm back at it my posts will often reflect things I've been reading. I'll do my best to keep clear of completely esoteric topics and write about things that (I think, at least) will hold some general appeal. I can't promise that all of my observations, comments, arguments, and whatever else will never have been given before (who could?), but I think there will still be room for productive and informative discussions. And it won't be all philosophy of course.

So in the very near future, expect a post on the Hobbesian view of the "social contract" (which, you may remember, is an idea I'm not fond of) and some potential problems I find with it.

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