Ted Rall: The Liberal Ann Coulter?

I'm not overly familiar with many Op/Ed writers, so I was amused when I stumbled across this piece by Ted Rall, in which he writes:

Well aware that it is barren soil for their party's anti-urban, anti-immigrant, anti-feminist, overtly racist ideology, Republican leaders have wisely avoided New York City as a convention site for the past 150 years.

The red-hot rhetoric reminded me of Ann Coulter, who is occasionally good for a laugh or two. What's the point of it? If there are any Republicans out there who just read that and were convinced to vote Democrat, please let me know.

I suppose the main thrust behind Rall's "anti-feminist" claim (unless there is some real anti-female ideology unique to Republican thought) is the general anti-abortion stance of Republicans. It's ridiculous enough that the abortion issue has gotten so tangled up in politics the way it is; what a person thinks about abortion, which should be considered a moral issue, shouldn't have much at all to do with their political affiliation. Republicans who oppose abortion don't oppose abortion because they want to interfere with women's rights to their own bodies - they probably oppose abortion because they think a fetus is its own person, and they don't think a woman has a right to harm another person. Whether they are right or not, there's nothing anti-feminist about it (considering feminism as support for either equal women's rights or equality in some other sense).

"Anti-urban"? I don't even really know what Rall means by that. Republicans ideology is somehow opposed to the city perhaps? "Overtly racist" was really amusing. Oh, that's right, Bush laid out his plan for WASP-domination of America in that speech yesterday... But I suppose even "Covertly racist" is a tough sell. Maybe he doesn't like it that not enough Republicans support slavery reparations or affirmative action (though they don't seem to be in much of a hurry to eliminate AA). But here again, not supporting reparations for slavery or affirmative action doesn't make a person/group racist - being a racist (noun: A person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others) makes you a racist. Not favoring racial preferences in hiring/admissions/etc doesn't make you a racist any more than not thinking reparations are justified/practical makes you one.

I'm no Republican of course, and am completely open to any legitimate criticisms of the party. I'm always glad to add to my list of reasons I don't support the Republican party (same goes for the Democrats, of course). But Rall isn't giving me much to work with here.

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