John Kerry Wins because of Royal Lineage
or he will, according to some British researchers

Burke's Peerage, a group of experts on British aristocracy, have determined that John Kerry has more royal blood in him than President Bush. Because of that, they predict he will win the election. Sound a bit far-fetched of a reason? Well, consider this: Bush's family tree had more royal connection that his opponent in the 2000 election, Al Gore. Not only that - every winner of the November presidential election in U.S. history has been the candidate with the most royal lineage.

from this article:
After months of research into Kerry's ancestry, Burke's Peerage, experts on British aristocracy, reported Monday that the Vietnam war veteran is related to all the royal houses of Europe and can claim kinship with Czar Ivan "The Terrible," a previous Emperor of Byzantium and the Shahs of Persia.


Kerry is a descendant of the former Kings of England, Henry III and Henry II and is distantly related to Richard the Lionheart, who led the third Crusade in 1189, according to Burke's.

Interesting fact, isn't it? I can only hope that the prediction turns out to be wrong this time - I don't care much for Kerry. But come to think of it, I don't care much for Bush either...

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