Gail Grinds, a 480 Pound Woman, Passes Away
after spending six years on a couch

Emergency workers trying to remove Gail Grinds from the couch she had been stuck on for six years

I occasionally browse the net for strange and interesting news stories (Oddly Enough on Yahoo News is a good place to look). I found the Fat Cat Story that way, and I've found another I thought I would post to keep up the variety on here. So here we have a story about Gail Grinds.

Thanks to blogs Sigma7.net and A Visible Hum for directing me to the news story at WFTV.com.

On Wednesday, August 11th, rescue workers were called to the home of Gail Laverne Grinds, who was having trouble breathing. Grinds weighed 480 pounds, and had not moved from the same couch in six years - even to use the bathroom. She had been there so long that her skin had grown into the fabric of the couch.

Rescue workers tried to extract her for about six hours. They finally managed to get her to a hospital, couch still attached, but were unable to keep her alive. She had lived with a man who told police that he tried his best to care for her, and neighbors reported that they had seen the man outside with children. Rescue workers said the home was filthy, and everyone entering it had to wear protective gear.

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