American CIA Agent Beheaded in Iraq?

According to Web Site Shows Apparent Beheading Tape from Yahoo via AP, an Islamic website has released another beheading video - this time of a man it claims to be a CIA agent. An anonymous U.S. official cited in the article said that no CIA employees are missing.

In the first half of the video, which is around four minutes long, the victim is seated with a group of militants/terrorists around him. A large photograph that depicts what looks like a man sitting at a table is hung around his neck, as is an ID card with a photo and the label "Visitor". The terrorists are holding various weapons, including a rocket launcher, and hold up and read from a book that is probably the Koran. In the second half of the video the photograph and ID card have been removed, and the victim is seated alone. One of the terrorists then beheads him by striking his neck multiple times with a wide-bladed sword. In the end, the victim's head is displayed as the other men shout and move around in celebration, one of them seeming to wave at the camera.

Images from the Video:

. .

. .

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More Images
(note: this set of images includes graphic views of the beheading - don't click them if you don't want to see it)

Image 12
Image 13
Image 14
Image 15
Image 16
Image 17
Image 18
Image 19
Image 20

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