Who Gets the Anarchist Vote?

Trick question, right? An anarchist wouldn't vote. Some anarchists, however, are planning on casting a vote against Bush according to Anarchists' Convention Debates Voting from Yahoo News via AP.

from the article:
"Ultimately, those who are voting are either bad anarchists or not anarchists at all," said Lawrence, a "Californian in his mid-40s" who declined to give his last name. "No one can represent my interests. We reject political professionals."

An anarchist deciding to vote isn't necessarily a contradiction. Though it is unlikely that any political candidate could present a perfect (or even good) fit for someone who rejects an official government, a practically-minded anarchist might cast a vote for a candidate who he or she thought would move in the right direction.

It could make sense for an anarchist to vote for someone like Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian Party's Presidential candidate. Smaller government and less government control of our finances and our private lives is certainly closer to no government than one under either Bush or Kerry.

But the article doesn't mention anything about about Libertarian candidates - the article lists Ralph Nader or John Kerry as possibilities for these anarchists' votes. John Kerry? I can't say that a Democrat-led government would necessarily be any more antithetical to anarchist than a Republican-led one, but it surely isn't any closer; and I don't see how anyone could possibly think that having Kerry as a president would bring the U.S. any closer to abolishing its government.

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