Enemies of Freedom Try to Ban Flag-Burning

They're at it again - those politicians who want to spit in the face of America's often-trampled ideal of personal freedom yet again. They really want to mangle the Constitution this year. First the attempt for the same-sex marriage ban amendment, and now an amendment making it illegal for people to express their discontent with the American government, culture, or whatever else by burning the flag. To those who support this, I can only say: you are a disgrace to the name 'patriot' and to every person who has ever fought to preserve the freedoms America should stand for.

Flags are objects; whatever that piece of cloth might be printed with and whatever that might be understood to stand for, that does not change this fact. If you are the owner of such an object, as an American you should be free to do whatever you want with that object as long as you are not causing actual harm to other people. If you want to use it to express your views, that is your right even if other people don't like what you have to say.

Why do they want to ban flag-burning? I can think of no single other reason than to prevent individuals from expressing feelings and beliefs that these legislators don't like. But that's freedom, that's America - we support your right to say what you'd like even if we don't agree. We don't have to look or listen if we don't like it. But we aren't going to prosecute you for it. You can even say that you don't like America, or what America stands for - you can say you don't believe in all of these freedoms that you are granted. But isn't the American way to believe that all people have the rights they do, whether or not they think so, whether or not we like them, even whether or not they're American?

Who is more dangerous to freedom and the American way of life here, people who merely express disagreement by burning a flag or people who want to tell me what I can or can't do with my own property on my own time, on threat of imprisonment if I don't comply? The first group only makes it slightly more obvious that not everyone agrees with things that happen in the country. The second group is the one really burning the American flag.

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