Celebrating 200k Unique Daily Visits, Today!

After a little more than sixth months of blogging, the site has passed the 200,000 unique daily visitors mark according to Sitemeter, with around 380,000 page views.

If I'd had the blog set up in the format it is now from the beginning, with each post on its own page rather than the last six or seven all together, I'd probably have a better idea of how many of my posts were actually being read by visitors. But hopefully now that I'm fairly certain this new format will stick, I'll be able to judge that more accurately.

I'd like to thank everyone who has continued to make this an enjoyable blogging experience for myself and others, including those of you who have linked me, Blogrolled me, quoted/permalinked my posts, told your friends, etc. And especially those of you who contribute to the discussions in the 'Comments' sections - the discussions are by far the best, and my favorite, part of the blog.

I had an idea some time back to make up a 'User Bio' section, with bios, pictures, homepage/blog links, and the like for frequent site visitors/commenters. I got busy with school stuff and abandoned it, but I'd like to give it another try. So if you're interested, you can expect some information on that soon.

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