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I noticed that this site had linked to me, and found their description interesting:

Like most 'Blogger users, I like to check out the "recently updated weblogs" section of 'Blogger from time to time. Today, I found this gem: Hot Abercrombie Chick! Her name is Amanda, she's in college, and despite being a philosophy major, she gets her primary sense of self from the store where she buys her clothing. Also, she's friends with a musician who "just happens to" have the same name as Sebastian Bach. Enjoy.

Although I do of course appreciate people who find my Blog interesting enough that they would send others the link, it would also be nice if they, well, read it too;) For anyone else who missed the post about why I chose the "Hot Abercrombie Chick!" Blog name, please do be sure to scroll down and read the post.

And yes, I do have a friend named Sebastian Bach who is a musician, but not the classical composer or the 80's hair 'metal' guy. And yes, that is his real, original, name. His father is Steve Bach, who you might know if you're really into jazz. Thought I'd clear that up:)

And while I'm plugging my friend's websites, don't forget to also check out:



Nathaniel's Website

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