Some Blog-Customization Resources

1: Comments Section
go to http://www.Haloscan.com Register for an account and log in. It will give you the html/javascript to add to your page. Open your Blog account in another window and go to 'Template'. Copy and paste the first line Haloscan gives you in the 'Head' section. Then copy and paste the second part from the Haloscan page somewhere in the 'Blogger' section. I do it at the end, right before the '/Blogger'.

2: Guestbooks, Hit Counters, Etc.
go to: http://www.Bravenet.com It will work pretty much the same was as adding the comments section--register, log in, pick the stuff you want, and the Bravenet site gives you the code to copy into the 'Template' section wherever you'd like it.

3: Changing the Layout
go to: http://www.Blogskins.com You can look at all the sample layouts they have, and if you find one you like, you just copy the entire html code for it and replace everything in your 'Template' section with it. You might want to save the old template in a text file in case you want to go back. Also, if you're doing comments/guestbooks/etc, you should do this step first, since it completely replaces your old Blog template.


Hope that helped:) If anyone else has any general questions I'll try to add answers here. I can't tell you how to do anything much more complicated than what I have here though, so if you want to make major, personalized changes, you will probably need to ask someone else or learn a little

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