In light of recent critiques of my Blog's lack of interesting content, here is my endeavor to make it more intellectually stimulating - a poem. Keep in mind, this is a spur-of-the-moment rough draft, so don't expect too much. But do let me know what you think:)


She found it in a small, ornamented box
under the bed. It had been her mother's.
The strand of pearls worn tight round her neck
at countless parties where she would smile
and smile, greeting friends whose names she did not know.
For propriety's sake. She did not know
why, really, but wore the pearls all the same.

Julia took the strand to the mirror,
holding it up to her own neck--the shadow
of her mother's presence, of her absence,
hung heavily over her. She remembered

that winter night, when the cold fought its way
through the cracks in doors and windows
no matter how hard the roaring furnace fought back.
That night when her mother never came home
and they did not know until two weeks later
that she had left for California, alone, leaving
the pearls behind.
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